Why Won’t My Sprinklers Work?

There may be any number of reasons why your sprinkler system is not working, but most commonly this problem is caused by the irrigation system controller.

Is there a display?

  • If the control display is working, but not watering, this could be a wiring or solenoid valve issue.
  • If there is no display on the control, check the power supply or try resetting it.

Why Won’t My Sprinkler Turn Off?

If you have turned off the control, but the sprinklers are still going, it usually means the solenoid valve is stuck on. Turn the sprinkler system off at the isolation valve.

Why is there always a wet patch in my lawn or garden?

Solenoid valves can leak, just like a dripping tap, the water will accumulate at the lowest point. The solenoid valve needs to be replaced.

Why won’t my sprinklers pop up all the way and look weaker than normal?

This can mean either the water is leaking somewhere or the solenoid valve is not opening properly.

Can I add to or change my irrigation system?

In most cases changes or additions can be completed by a professional, though this depends on the current system